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TDIST is a specialist distribution partner for IT infrastructure service providers. Our focus is on value-add products within the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) marketplace.

TDIST partners with a number of leading organisations- Acer, Praim, ViewSonic, Teradici, Devon IT and Scense. Their products accelerate a migration in desktop strategy from the traditional fat PC client model to flexible and thin.
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TDIST is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, our talented team of people and our structured processes enable us to achieve this. The products we carry enable our business partners and their end-customers to make better use of their IT – to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs.


TDIST concentrates on designing low-cost, long-lifecycle thin client solutions with our business partners, returning on the investment our customers make and making this repeatable. Great user experience is the key to desktop virtualisation projects and TDIST partners with some outstanding market leaders.