Praim Thin Man 7.0 thin client management

Centralized remote control
ThinMan is a software tool that can be installed on any Desktop PC, Server, Terminal Server of the Windows family. ThinMan allows to search for all the Praim network devices by showing them in tree views and organizing groups such remote location.

Easy to use, the graphic interface, either windows or Web
ThinMan is easy, intuitive and identifies each device with specific icons.

Group management
ThinMan allows the positioning of devices in specific groups, organised according to the device’s physical arrangement or specific range of IP addresses.

Multiple actions scheduled in time
ThinMan supports the execution of actions for device groups, even scheduled in time. In such a way it is possible to plan, for example, a power-on and update operation for a group of devices with a simple multiple selection operation.

Configurations and automatic updates
ThinMan can implement automatic configuration and updates of Thin Clients, based on policies of device groups or events.

Control of Physical and Virtual Desktops
ThinMan using its own Agent, allows also to manage both physical and Virtual Desktops.