NCS Cirrus LT zero client PCoIP laptop

Cirrus LTBreak mobile computing security barriers with the revolutionary Cirrus LT zero client. Laptop computing with no boundaries.

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The Cirrus LT breaks important security barriers, by effectively protecting mobile computing data. Cirrus LT is based on Teradici’s high performanceTERA 2321 Processor, which uses the PCoIP protocol. PCoIP compresses, encrypts and encodes the entire computing experience at the data center and transmits it as pixels across the IP network to a zero client. Remote users have effortless access to a fully functional, even HD, computing experience. Now secure computing functionality is available for the first time on a zero client laptop.

Compact, lightweight and engineered for high performance, Cirrus LT using PCoIP technology is optimized for VMWare.

Horizon View for a highly efficient IT administrative experience and low cost of ownership. Cirrus LT supports both copper and fiber and Wi-Fi and delivers state-of-the art security, AES 128/256 bit encryption/decryption and Suite B ciphers.

Cirrus LT can be used with complete peace of mind because it is a stateless zero client device with no operating system and doesn’t store any data locally. It won’t compromise security if lost or stolen.

The Cirrus LT breaks the last security barrier, and sets a new performance standard for computing practicality.


Cirrus LT specifications

Cirrus LT data sheet